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front of house landscaping designs about Does a ‘rape culture’ exist on college campuses?
Fri, Dec 19, 2014 - 01:34 AM
The truth is that the job isn't as predictable as it may sound. For the homeowner, recycled p [...]
Wed, Dec 17, 2014 - 09:37 PM
Mike, You are part of the problem. Just as long as you "don't believe the 20% figure is ac [...]
Wed, Dec 17, 2014 - 02:05 PM
I don't believe the 20% figure is accurate. Here's a link to an analysis of that number: ht [...]
Wed, Dec 17, 2014 - 06:28 AM
Ignorant redneck.
Tue, Dec 16, 2014 - 12:47 PM
Oh, this was fantastic. Just oozing with white, male privilege. I can't think of a worse w [...]
Tue, Dec 16, 2014 - 11:36 AM
Good Lord. Your rant is sooo outrageous, it is really outta this world. A little therapy might [...]

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